Sunday, March 31, 2013

1st place and a trophy for MidsouthFC!

After a long fought battle, USA came out with a final win in the Agropoli Cup International Tournament.  Italians play a different more physical style of soccer and no shin guards, so there are more fouls, frustrations, and injuries which makes for a totally different game than we are accustomed to.  Even the difference in language has an effect, because no one really knows what the players are saying so the ref gives yellow cards for taunting when it may not even be the case...but we all know that no matter how poor the refereeing is, whatever the ref calls is simply what it is.
Despite the struggle, our girls fought back and won!  They will be arriving in Memphis late this evening with a giant trophy.  Taegan was asked to accept the trophy on behalf of the team.  I know she will never forget that moment.  Bobbie was awarded MVP by the tournament directors. She had 7 goals throughout the tournament.  Our coach, Richard Bute, awarded Molly a trophy as well for her stellar goal-keeping.   
Thanks to Chris's hard word behind the scenes, or should I say seas (ha, ha) ABC 24 ran our story last night.  Maybe some other stations will pick it up soon.  These girls deserve attention for their mighty accomplishment.  Memphis should be very proud that they represented our city so well. 
Can't wait to see you all soon and share better quality pictures so you can see what we experienced.  Thanks to everyone for being so supportive and following us on this international journey!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Memphis is advancing to the finals!

Third game of the tournament is another win for MidsouthFC of Memphis, TN!  The final score was 5-0.  We are advancing to the finals, but we have no idea who we are playing, where, or when.  Will let you know as soon as we receive word.

Second game is another victory!

The first half of our day was spent at a local does market in Agropoli.  It wasn't like hand-crafted items as we were hoping.  It was more like a giant thrift store of used stuff.  Occasionally there would be a tent that had new stuff.  I purchased a lot of scarves, which seems to be the "fashion" around here for men and women. 
After the flea market, we walked about 10 minutes over to the stadium.  Our girls beat Rome 4-2.  Bobbie had a hat trick plus one!  The Italian girls asked to take a photo with only was so cute.  Oh, and most importantly, Taegan got her first yellow card.  It was a weak call, but she's very proud to have gotten her first one here in Italy.
Following the game, we experienced the opening ceremonies.  Each team walked around the track holding our flag while the arena played our national anthem.  Of course...I cried.  Pretty sure most of us got teary-eyed.  This was about as close as we will ever get to being a part of the Olympics...certainly a day we will never forget!
We stayed at the stadium to watch the boys play.  They have been getting hammered pretty badly because they are playing 98 boys...and our boys are 01's.  Taegan and a few other girls were invited to play for our boys team to add some strength.  We only lost 2-0, which is not bad compared to their 12-0 loss the day before.  Taegan finally got to play defender and she looked good!
Today we have another game at 11am.  Then we are going to tour some more ancient ruins followed by some local shopping.  If today's game goes well, we will be in the keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First game was a 2-0 victory!

Our first game of the tournament was against a team from Solerno, Italy.  They were 15 and 16 years old.  Each of our girls gave the Italian team a t-shirt from our soccer club.  They gave us a 10 pound plaque and a bottle of champagne!  Yes, you read it correctly.  They seriously gave 13 and 14 year old girls alcohol as a gift.  Apparently, there is no drinking age.  However, we parents have no problem drinking the champagne to celebrate the victory!
Our next game is tommorow at 1:00.  The parents are going to a flea market before the game, then walking to the stadium a half mile away.  The team is riding bus solo with coach Richard to appear at game.  The opening ceremonies begin at 2:30.  I've heard it's one of those moments you never forget, representing the USA and being proud to be from America.
I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

99 midsouth fc in agropoli

This is terrible quality because its a picture of a picture.  Again, internet access and opportunity to dump pictures from our camera are rare, but wanted to show the teams.  Games begin this evening for us.  The girls went with Coach Richard to watch the boys play their first game.  Beth and I are shopping in the cute little town sqaure of Agropoli.
The bottom picture is at the Isle of Capri...  Again, another picture of picture. 

Monday, March 25, 2013


Today we toured Pompei, which is the city that was recovered from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvio 1700 years ago.  It has by far been our favorite tour!  We play two teams this afternoon in friendly games.  One will be from New York.  The other is called the Angels but we don't know anything about them.  However, in the tournament we will be playing a team from eastern Europe, south America, and Italy.  I will clarify when we learn more.  Info we get sometimes isn't accurate until it occurs! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

On the way to Italy!

Can't believe its finally time.  We've waited for years for this day to come!
The MSFC 99 Girls and a New York ODP team will be the only girls in their age group to represent the USA.  What an honor!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

spring break 2013

spring break for the allens was a "staycation".  we just woke up each day and did whatever we felt like doing.  chris had to work in new york, so i was left with a houseful of teenagers and cooper.  i actually enjoy having them around the house, so it isn't as bad as i might make it seem!

the week was filled with friends, sleepovers, movies, bowling, putt-putt, shopping, painting manny's room, soccer, playing at the park, late-night stories, and lots of laughing!  oh, and i forgot to mention EATING!  every time i turned around they were in the kitchen eating something...and left the mess behind.  ughh!