Thursday, November 26, 2015

happy thanksgiving 2015

there was a full moon as soon as the sun set.  it was breathtaking!

sweet T-Mack

Super Cooper

tweedle cool and tweedle cooler

T and Caleb

can't even describe the beauty.  you'd have to be there.

passing time at Rockin' Tacos!

manny, coop, caleb, and T

white boy can jump!!

yes, it's november 25th and the water is COLD!!

love, love, love, this man!!!  he's cooler than CO-OL!

time with my girls means more than they'll ever know!

captain always photo-bombs!

my sleeping bag goes EVERYWHERE with me!

no words for this pic!  just weird....

mom and I had another successful thanksgiving meal...5 years running.

this one took not ONE, but TWO naps today!  and i love him more with every nap!  manny has my heart!

dad and caleb hanging out.  

she brought the turkey carver to the beach!!  no one can do like she does!

my sweet family...there is no other day that can beat this one.  only 364 to go until i can write this again.
T and Caleb headed to The Back Porch

Lunch at Back Porch

The Gang

Papa Joe's Family 

Did you know Santa is led by dolphins on the beach?

Love my girl!

The straw that breaks the camel's back...

Mawmaw and Boppy

My Fam!

Mom and Dad love their Grands!