Thursday, January 24, 2013

cooper in orlando

last week, chris and cooper went to orlando.  chris was hosting a conference for OAA starting thursday, but because he had to get there early in the week to begin the setup he decided to take coop to Universal and disneyworld for a couple of days.  coincidentally, mama k and pops were also going to be at disneyworld during the same kidding.  as you can imagine, that worked out great!  coop got to spend more time at the parks, and he could fly back with them.  although he missed an entire week of school, i am thrilled that he had an opportunity to spend time with chris at disney.  I doubt they will ever forget it!  chris took taegan to washington, DC when she was little, so this was his way of doing something for coop.  of course, T is still a little bummed...disney vs. DC???