Monday, January 3, 2011

christmas 2010

this christmas was a bit strange without meemaw. mom and dad ended up having dinner at their house afterall. in the end everyone got their christmas wish. meemaw's at home with her family in heaven and mom and dad get their life back. they gave up everything for the last 3 years. mom and i have been able to spend a lot of lost time together over the winter break. it's good to see her happy again!

mom and dad had this cute wall plaque made for us.
chris and andy are ready for an arctic freeze! what
goofy guys!
taegan, evy, quentin, and cooper

a new bathrobe

this may be taegan's most prized gift. she asked for nike running shorts. chris was able to find a pair with the u of m tigers!

coop's goodies

taegan's loot!

manuel's birthday

manuel turned 13 on december 20th! happy birthday!

manuel's family invited us over for dinner to celebrate manny's birthday. part of their tradition is smooshing the birthday boy's head in the cake. taegan enjoyed it a little too much.

manuel invited some friends over to spend the night. they first went on a scavenger hunt at the mall and then had dinner at O'Charley's (manuel's favorite place to eat). they stayed up all night playing RockBand and FIFA 2011.

purple eyeshadow and one fingernail painted red

picture with a "mall cop"