Friday, August 26, 2011

st. agnes/st.dominic dance

the kids were invited by one of manuel's teammates, bradley. he attends st. dominic. the dance is an 8th grade fundraiser. i didn't want taegan to be the only girl with a bunch of soccer guys (though that's usually how it is around here), so she invited some friends. can't believe how grown up they are!
payton, carson, taegan, isabelle, manuel, and ethan
tell me that's not my daughter!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

first day riding the bus

first day of seventh grade...and to ride the bus! i cried. are you surprised?
manuel, taegan, and molly
big day ahead of bus, new school, new friends, new classes

3rd graders at kingsbury

my class "looped" from last year. this means that we all moved from second to third grade together. i got a few new students, but most of my class came back. the first week of school is always exciting...getting reacquainted with others and talking a lot about themselves. one of the great things about looping is that after the first week we can hit the ground running. i don't have to spend six weeks figuring out each child's learning style and their individual reading levels. i already know! here are a few pictures from our first week together.
waiting to go home...
all about "me in a bag"
the kids love to be the center of attention and talk about themselves. i love hearing them speak!
this was a project where the students had to create a poster that illustrated a rule he/she felt was important for our school or class. interesting part was that i gave each group 2 googly eyes, one pipe cleaner, one foam sheet, and one yellow puff ball that had to be incorporated in some way. it was clever to see how they were used.
here's another group's project.
it takes "teamwork" to put together a puzzle.
i love watching them work together!
after reading "chrysanthemum" we made "name art". i thought they turned out great!
this is a great class!
using the letters for "third grade", the students had to make as many words as possible.
to celebrate our "3rd day of third grade", we did a lot of activities pertaining to the number 3. here, the girls are pulling out dominos to see if the two numbers can be added or subtracted to make 3.
after reading "whoever you are", we chose faces that matched our skin color to tell how we are all different, yet the same.
the whole class worked together to piece together the book "rezoom". i absolutely loved watching their minds turn!