Saturday, July 17, 2010

heber springs

we spent two days at the lake with good friends of ours, the jones' family (coach shawn, bev, gwen, and evan). unfortunately chris had to stay home and work, but the kids and i took advantage of summer freedom and headed to heber springs. actually we were in fairfield bay, but it's all a part of greers ferry lake. we had a blast swimming, tubing, skiing, and cliff jumping.

cooper was too small for the ski's, but taegan and manuel popped out of the water on their first try. i didn't get a picture of taegan up because i was in the water coaching her...who knew she'd get up on the first try. the only problem with that is that i was left behind, bobbin' in the water with my hand in the air...hoping a boat doesn't run over me. i learned my lesson when it was manuel's turn. good thing, because he ski'd forever. we had to stop the boat so he'd quit. they both absolutely loved it!

tubing proved to be a hit with all the kids. it was such a hit that taegan broke her toe...yet that didn't stop her from having a good time. it was like a repeat of pickwick back in june when i broke my rib. no matter the pain, we were both determined to do it all.

my favorite was cliff jumping. what a thrill from the freefall! believe it or not, after all the other kids chickened out when they looked over the edge, cooper walked right out and jumped. i was so surprised by his bravery. after he jumped, it didn't take long before everybody else got the nerve to do it. most went back to do it a second time! it's such a "rush"!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

back to the normal life

okay...i know...i didn't do a very good job of blogging each night of our trip. one thing you should know about disney world is that it's EXHAUSTING! by the end of the day every muscle in your body is hurting...but there's no time to dwell on it because tomorrow will bring another fun-filled, magical day! so, unfortunately the exhaustion caught up with me and i fell short on the blogging.

here's a recap the rest of our week:

tuesday-off to hollywood studios. the lines were much longer although we did enjoy the muppet vision 3-D, star tours, the great movie ride, the american idol experience, tower of terror and toy story mania. we ate lunch at sci-fi drive-in. it's awesome. you sit in these 50's model cars while watching a huge screen of sci-fi clips just like you're sittin' at the drive-in back in the 50's. dinner was at primetime tv. it too is a 50's style, except it looks like it's straight out of your grandmother's kitchen. the wait staff is kinda rude and overbearing (intentionally) by telling you to finish your plate and to get your elbows off the table. i didn't finish my green beans (they were nasty, rubbery tasting) so the waiter piled my fork full of them and had the entire room of people pretend to be airplanes while he flew this disgusting fork full of green beans into my mouth. i almost gagged...yet the entire room was laughing at me. oh the things i'll do in the name of fun!!

wednesday-this morning came early. we had breakfast at 8am at the animal kingdom with donald, goofy, mickey, and minnie. our favorite rides were the kilimanjaro safari, the expedition everest roller coaster, the tree of life's "it's tough to be a bug" 3D, and the kali river rapids (we were all soaked from head to toe). we headed back to the hotel for an afternoon swim. we ended our evening with dinner in the castle. it was extraordinary! we had our picture made with cinderella and princesses ariel, belle, sleeping beauty, and snow white came to our table. we watched the electrical light parade and fireworks over the castle just before calling it a day. boy were we tired!

thursdsay-we spent today at blizzard beach. it's so cool how everything looks like snow and ice, yet we're in the warm sunshine and water. chris was the only brave soul to slide down summit plummet (12-story drop). he had to ride a chair lift just to reach the top. we all had a blast on the toboggan racers. we raced as a family. chris won!! we did teamboat springs that the whole family could ride also. it was a blast! lot's of other slides filled our day, but unfortunaltely a thunderstorm rolled in that afternoon. it was good timing because we had to get ready for dinner at epcot in japan. we sat at a hibachi table where the food is cooked right in front of you. it rained all evening, but nothing could stop our fun! we finished the day shopping in giftshops throughout the countries.

friday-today we decided to go back to hollywood studios so we could ride some things we missed earlier this week. we started our day at the aerosmith rockin' roller coaster (my favorite). we also rode toy story (again), backlot tour, beaty and the beast show, indiana jones show, and played in honey, i shrunk the kids playset. we rode the monorail to the contemporary resort for dinner at chef mickey's. it was a character dinner so goofy, donald, mickey, minnie, and pluto came by our table. afterwards, we went back to magic kingdom to ride buzz lightyear. it was cooper's favorite! it's so sad this this was our last day. we've had such a good time. sadly, we headed back to the hotel to pack. boo, hoo!!

saturday-we loaded the van and headed to disney village. we ate lunch at the coolest place i've ever eaten...t-rex. words can't even describe it. they have a meteor shower in the dining area. you gotta go to fully get it! the rest of our day was spent shopping in all the stores for souvenirs to bring back to our loved ones. finally, we headed to the airport...back to the normal life.