Monday, March 12, 2012

Vulcan Cup Champs! Birmingham, AL

we had a fabulous weekend of soccer in birmingham with taegan's midsouth team. the weather was perfect, and we ended up as the champions! our third game reslted in a pk shootout because we were tied with another team in our bracket. only one team could advance to the finals...good thing it was us! pk shootouts are always stressful. the finals also resulted in a tie so we were sent into a double overtime. still no score after the OT, so we went straight into ANOTHER round of pk's. i think we all gained a few gray hairs after this day! as you can see from the photo, we were the victors!! the girls deserved this medal. our coach has refrained from entering us into the vulcan cup until now because she didn't think we were ready. competition is quite high at this tournament. the girls decided that they weren't just "ready"...they were "ready to win!"

our team dinner on saturday night was very special! curry's grandparents live in birmingham a few minutes from our hotel. they invited the whole team to have dinner at their house. yes, they live in a large home. it easily accommodated us with room to spare!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

taegan's eye

this is a picture of taegan's eye taken by her friend, payton. it's oddly beautiful! she doesn't typically wear mascara to this extent, but when you get together with girlfriends..i guess it's to be expected.