Monday, February 28, 2011

midsouth challenge champs!!

U12 '99 girls midsouth challenge 1st place champs

taegan and callie

t's biggest fans!!

my girl...ready to score a goal!

running to jump in daddy's arms. "oh, and by the way owe me $20. four goals at $5/goal."

the wizard of oz!!

tonight taegan and manuel performed in the wizard of oz at their school. it was a fabulous play. all the kids in 6th grade had a role and the teachers organized it. wow!!! taegan was a tree. she got to throw apples at her good friend, isabel, (who played dorothy). manuel was an emerald city narrator. during some technical difficulties manuel had to adlib, which made the crowd laugh. who knew he had such quick wit? his whole family showed up to see him. i know they were proud!

the kids had quite a few fans in the crowd. of course my mom and dad and mama kay and pops were there, but also my very best childhhood friend, melissa, and her daughter lucia were in town from las vegas and able to make it. in addition, taegan had two soccer friends, sarah and molly, along with two of manuel's soccer friends, alex and logan. we feel so lucky to have so many people take time out of their busy schedule!

instead of flowers, mama kay and pops brought a box of donuts. how funny...yet practical! my kids LOVE howard's donuts!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

open house for cooper at harding

cooper had open house last tuesday at his school. first there was a program, where each of the classes sang. then we visited his classroom. i always love what harding cordova kindergarten has prepared for open house!

cooper presented miss kristin with flowers on behalf of the kindergarten. she's the music and art teacher. not to mention...cooper has a HUGE crush on her.
miss claire's kindergarteners

landon, cooper's best friend miss claire, cooper's teacher miss debbie, the kindergarten principal mrs. bateman, the school's guidance counselor