Friday, December 19, 2014

winter formal at BCS

we had a very handsome and mannerly young man at our front door to take taegan to her school's winter formal.  cameron made reservations to eat dinner at butcher shop with their friends parker and hannah. afterwards they will be dancing the night away. they'll be the best looking kids at the dance!!  i hope they have a wonderful night.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

winter formal at ECS

hunter dunkin, a sweet friend who lives a few houses up the street, asked taegan to attend the winter formal dance at ECS.  he was so creative by making a fun poster to ask her.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

thanksgiving day

this day trumps all other 364 days...year after year.
don't laugh.  it's the teacher in me. 

attempting to be artsy

these two make me awfully happy.

although it's not humane, i wish she could squish some of these birds. they can be annoying.

dummy, daughter, decided to chase the birds away.

oh, but my bird whisperer brings 'em right back.

he's so calm and patient.  they come right to him and eat from his bare hand.

my sweet boy!

still feeding the birds. 

can't beat this view for a thanksgiving meal.

the henderson/allen meal begins.  wishing chris, manny, and sunshine could be with us.

nothing compares to this view each afternoon.

you sneaky little dressing stealer!

boppy and his buddies

my coop

i'm freakin' out, but somehow i managed to snap a shot in my state of panic.

we make a mean thanksgiving meal! well, mom gets most of the credit, but i enjoy the teamwork.

another happy thanksgiving!

meanwhile, back in lakeland, the allen boys spend the day together.

natalie, evy, andy, and quentin


Wednesday, November 26, 2014


it's that time again...

thanksgiving at the beach with my family!!

waiting to watch the sunset!

it's an ugly sweater day for T.

she ain't even afraid of jellyfish.

mom and i made it to the rocks!

it's a long way back home.

kerry kept throwing bread to the pigeons right beside T, which makes her freak out!

day trip to 30A to visit the cutchins.  julia and cooper had a great time hanging out, even on a rainy day.

osaka!!  never a trip to destin without a night of sushi.

boppy is the best!

sunset, wine, and a good book...  life is good.

the girls!