Friday, July 11, 2014

golf camp at mirimichi

coop spent each morning of this week with pops at mirimichi's golf camp for kids.  i'm so grateful to pops for taking him each day and spending time with coop.  cooper may not know how to say it now, but i know he appreciates him too!    

Monday, July 7, 2014

happy 4th of july

happy 4th to all!  being a proud american is a freedom in itself!

while my pics only reflect the evening that we had friends and family over to watch coop try to blow up the neighborhood in celebration, the older kids went to several firework shows throughout the week around the city (bellevue, arlington, bartlett) and have failed to share their pics with me for the blog.  worse yet, i didn't take any pictures of our parents or manny (and his friends).  on the positive side, chris actually came out of his shell while cutting the grass/watering the lawn and met all of our new neighbors.  i'm so proud of him!  well, by default, he had to let them all know we were potentially planning to set their yards on fire, and, in which case, they were welcome to be a part of our pyromania.  in the end, no fires were started, however, new friendships were ignited!

I managed to snap this pic and the one below at the Bartlett firework show.
Erin, Bobbie, Rahm, Rex, Andre, Taegan, and a fellow I can't name.

My boys!

Captain Awesome and Lady Liberty

T, Bradley, and Bobbie

T and Mawmaw

Meet Elaina!  She's a new neighbor.  The girls had a ball together!

The girls and Rex

Sweetest 5-year old ever!  

T, Austin, and Elaina

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

denise and randy's wedding

congratulations to my cousin!  may she and randy celebrate many, many wonderful anniversaries of this day!