Sunday, October 28, 2012

3v3 kick it live!

cooper's soccer ole team played in the 3v3 kick-it tournament in arlington, tn on sunday. it was originally scheduled to be played on saturday, but wet fields caused it to be postponed to sunday. we played 7 games in total for the day (9,10,12,1,2:30,3:30,4:30). what a long, full day of soccer.

we made it to semi-finals, but experienced a tough loss. however, we were all surprised to hear that we would be playing one last game to determine 3rd/4th place. unfortunately, our coach had to coach "captain awesome" (aka-chris) coached the boys' final game to a victory over a team we had previously lost to in the tournament. the win ensured each boy a medal!

 go soccer ole! love this team dearly!